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Biological sequence variant characterization

Short fixed length sub-sequences, defined as reference sub-sequences, are extracted from a collection of reference sequences, and an index is constructed showing which short fixed length reference sub-sequence occurs in which reference sequences. Short fixed length sub-sequences, the same length as the reference sub-sequences and defined as source sub-sequences, are extracted from a collection of source sequences derived from a sample for which the signature is to be determined, and the short fixed length source sub-sequences are compiled to determine the frequency of each within the collection. The presence or absence of source sub-sequences in combination with the index is used to infer the presence or absence of reference sequences from the reference collection.

2014-10-10 - Application filed by International Business Machines Corp
2014-10-10 - Priority to US14/511,829
2016-04-14 - Publication of US20160103954A1
2020-05-19 - Application granted
2020-05-19 - Publication of US10658069B2
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