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Stable anti-TNFR1 polypeptides, antibody variable domains and antagonists

Abstract: The invention relates to storage-stable anti-TNFR1 antibody single variable domains (dAbs), antagonists and multispecific ligands, as well as methods and uses of these. The anti-TNFR1 polypeptides, antibody single variable domains (dAbs), antagonists and multispecific ligands are useful for treating and/or preventing inflammatory disease, such as arthritis or COPD, as well as for pulmonary administration, oral administration, delivery to the lung and delivery to the GI tract of a patient.

US9028817B2 - United States
Application US13/504,525 events
2009-07-14 Priority to US22523509P
2010-10-25 Application filed by Glaxo Group Ltd
2010-10-25 Priority to PCT/EP2010/066046
2010-10-25 Priority to US13/504,525
2012-05-14 Assigned to GLAXO GROUP LIMITED
2012-08-23 Publication of US20120213787A1
2015-05-12 Publication of US9028817B2
2015-05-12 Application granted
Period12 May 2015
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