First Interactive International Murga Exhibition

Salvatore Rossano (Contributor)

Activity: Community Talks, Presentations, Exhibitions and EventsPerformance/exhibition


The word murga is, like the Carnival itself, multifaceted. Just pronouncing it magically generates different worlds of colours, passion, songs, memories, movements, and feelings. Its meaning changes over time and space. In Spain, Uruguay, Argentina, Italy, Belgium, Australia, Holland, Germany and Denmark the word is transformed and lives in the bodies of those who have sung and danced to the rhythm of the bombo.
Murga is not just a group of popular artists (“murgueros” or “murguistas”), a musical genre, a form of singing, dancing, a way to occupy the public space, but , above all, Murga is a way of living life with hope, joy and a touch of madness. For a murguero, carnival never ends. The murga, heroine of the festival, floods the streets with songs, colours, costumes, pantomime, movement, transforming reality in the most beautiful fantasies. Sometimes the murga is annoying and provocative. It speaks of things that not everyone wants to hear, it occupies the squares with its noise, it mocks the authorities. It becomes the voice of the people. Despite its irreverence, however, the Murga always brings joy and the poetry of carnival: the smiles of the people are its most sought-after reward. A sincere applause is the Murga's dream. The exhibition aims to present a musical journey that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers. Upon leaving the Spanish ports, the genre is transformed, becoming one of the most influential cultural events in Uruguay, among most popular street performances in Argentina, one of the most attended alternative street arts in Belgium and Italy. The murga sounds among Spanish, Argentine and Uruguayan migrants in Australia and around the world, but also among those who have never stepped on the streets of Buenos Aires, Montevideo or Cadiz.
Through a unique ‘Corso de Carnaval’ we’ve tried to splice the wires of a word and its semiotic diversity in its broad path in time and space.
The world of murga is extremely heterogeneous; any pretense of completeness would be deceptive. It is impossible to document such a phenomenon and this is not our intention. This exhibition is an invitation to discover a colorful world that continues to unite communities of different ethnic and geographical origin. It's an invitation to go out in the street, join a group of friends, dance and sing, shed the inhibitions of everyday routine. It's an invitation to celebrate life.
Period27 Feb 20178 Apr 2017
Event titleFirst Interactive International Murga Exhibition: Ventana Arte
Event typeExhibition
LocationFrankston , Australia, Victoria
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • murga
  • music migration
  • ethnomusicology
  • ethnography
  • latin america
  • spain