eiHub Start-Up Bootcamp 2023: My Resilient City

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Start-Up Bootcamp is an entrepreneurial workshop that is designed to inspire individuals to develop a socially responsible mindset towards creating entrepreneurial solutions to challenges in today’s fast-evolving and disruptive environment. Open to all aged 17-30, participants (Teams) will engage with facilitators and mentors (movers and shakers from the entrepreneurial community) who will guide them in an experiential learning environment, turning ideas into solutions to build viable startups to tackle societal and real-world challenges. The theme of Start-Up Bootcamp 2023 is ‘MY RESILIENT CITY’. The global urban population is growing at a rapid pace, resulting in ever larger cities and expanding urban sprawl. This rising demand for space and resources has made life in the city stressful, expensive, and in some places life threatening. To overcome this, we need more resilient cities - cities with diverse industries, a culture of innovation, an inclusive and cohesive society, effective infrastructure, and an active community with an eye to the future.
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