eiHub Challenge: Ideas for Tomorrow

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The "eiHub Challenge: Ideas for Tomorrow" was designed to develop and inspire individuals to create viable solutions to challenges in today’s fast-evolving and disruptive environment. This challenge offered participants an experiential learning opportunity to upscale and enhance their entrepreneurial abilities, employment acumen, pick up essential 21st-century skills and empower themselves to create change and impact on society.

Semester 1, 2021: E-Commerce in the Future

Semester 2, 2021: Waste to Wealth

Semester 1, 2022: Designed for 8 to 80

Semester 2, 2022: Tech for All

Semester 1, 2023: Perpetual Plastics (organised with Circular Cities Asia)

Semester 2, 2023: Hack the City
Held atMalaysia Sch of Business