Design as Invitation to Interaction - UNSW Sydney

Ho, X. (Contributor)

Activity: Community Talks, Presentations, Exhibitions and EventsPublic lecture/debate/seminar


Designing for general public consumption can be daunting to undertake. Often, designers artificially constrain their target audience to better service a particular kind of understanding. This potentially alienates an audience, and the term “targeted audience” gradually creeps in and becomes an excuse for poor design.

To that end, we will break down different types of audience interaction, anticipate common types of interactions, and design for them. Design is an invitation to interact. In this talk, Xavier will introduce data visualisation as a design process whose end goal is to communicate information progressively to a spectrum of audience.

His talk will draw on academic works in proxemic interactions, instant feedback, human-in-the-loop design, and as a whole, design process as research. Using some of his past works as case studies, Xavier will discuss the lessons he learned from making and publishing them, and the way forward to an enticing data visualisation.
Period15 Nov 2016
Held atUniversity of New South Wales, Australia, New South Wales