Cremorne2025, Urban intervention, event + exhibition at Mr Smith Cremorne

  • Markus Jung (Director)
  • Maud Cassaignau (Director)

Activity: Community Talks, Presentations, Exhibitions and EventsPerformance/exhibition


An urban intervention within the actual space of Cremorne will play a key role as part of a bottom up strategy. On one hand this intervention should test new urban activation as a strategy, on the other hand it should serve as a setting to promote broader ideas for the city of Melbourne and beyond. The studio proposal for Cremorne2025 forms the starting point, and a base for exchange with the Cremorne community as well as with other interested parties. Topics and critical discussions should evolve around the overall vision and its different sub related strategies as well as the general studio position. The aim is to connect academic research with the real world, leaving the protected spaces of academia. The idea is that the intervention and happening will be stimulating and provocative in relation to both the academic and community contexts. The real project, intervention, and happening will be a precursor for future potential and an illustration of our vision for Cremorne. This vision in turn will demonstrate the reasons for intensifying inner suburbs and their heritage for Melbourne and other cities confronted with similar global challenges: urbanization, densification, deindustrialization, and dealing with the transformation of heritage. - ​Tamara Bird, Amy Shaw & Kathryn Walter
Period9 Jun 2012
Event titleCremorne2025
Event typeExhibition
Degree of RecognitionLocal


  • urban intervention