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  • Amlan Chakraborty (Inventor)
  • Apoorv Gupta (Inventor)
  • Sitanshu Sekhar Lahiri (Inventor)

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Bioelectricity, Waste Remediation And Increased Nitrogenase Activity In Plants By Cloning And Expression Of Niff, Nifj Gene In Geobacter Metallireducens

Abstract: The present invention provides a recombinant/ transformed g. metallireducens bacterium and a method for production thereof which leads to harvesting of electricity from waste organic matter and metals producing a high content of nitrogenase for use by plants. the cloned bacteria possess a high nitrogenase activity. the genes niff and nifj gets expressed because of the support of fe (iii) electron acceptor and the presence of pyruvate provides a cheap eco friendly method for the availability of nitrogen to plants. the mechanism enables nitrogen fixation and its availability to plants on a large scale. also the surface transport of electrons and the electron transport chain makes it possible to produce bio-electricity. the cloned bacterium curbs putrefaction and uses organic and metallic waste (due to its electron acceptance) for electricity generation. the developed bio-remediating mechanism may be applied for cleaning of metal and organic waste and converting dumping grounds to grow green plants along with the generation of bio-electricity (55-65 ma/ square-metre) at cheaper rates.
Period10 Jan 2013
Held atAmity University, India