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  • Amlan Chakraborty (Inventor)
  • Sitanshu Sekhar Lahiri (Inventor)

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Abstract : The present invention provides a rapid, inexpensive and chemical method for testing of blood group and a kit for the same. The kit includes the use of two different chemical reagents, sodium periodate and/or cone, hydrochloric acid and Benedict's reagent, which recognize human blood group specific A-antigens and B- antigen respectively. Sodium periodate detects the 'A' blood group as it reacts only with the terminal n-acetyl galactosamine residue and causes agglutination of blood cells. Benedict's reagent reacts with only at the terminal galactose residue giving a pale red colour in case of the 'B' blood group. Due to the presence of both terminal n-acetyl galactosamine and terminal galactose residue in the case of 'AB' blood group, there is reaction with both the residues. Therefore there is both agglutination and a pale red colour due to the reaction with both the residues. Since 'O' group lacks glycoproteins, it reacts neither to sodium periodate nor Benedict's solution. The invention provides a quick, simple and inexpensive method for the identification of blood group.

IN2012DE00276A - India
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2012-02-01 Application filed by Univ Amity
2012-02-01 Priority to IN276DE2012
2015-04-03 Publication of IN2012DE00276A
Period1 Jan 2012
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